Willsboro Bay Boat Launch Area
44.400430, -73.390732
Farrell Road, Willsboro
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While the surrounding woodlots support a variety of breeding birds, like many sites along Lake Champlain, Willsboro Bay is very productive in the fall and spring. In fall, the bay can support large concentrations of ducks of an array of species.

How to get there

From the bridge over the Bouquet River in Willsboro, take Route 22 north. In less than a mile from the bridge, turn right onto Ferrell Road. Follow this until the end, take left onto Point Road and then a left onto Boat Launch Road. The launch will be at the end.


Look for common and hooded mergansers, common goldeneye, greater and lesser scaup, and scan through their ranks for less common species. The bay generally ices up in the winter, making it less productive, but as the ice melts in spring, migrating waterfowl will again use it.

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