Westport Water Treatment Facility
44.184990, -73.434746
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The water treatment facility in Westport off Marks Road is a good place to check out Lake Champlain in fall and winter. It is here that Hoisington Brook exits into the lake and a small sandy spot is good for wintering gulls. There is also usually a mixed species group of ducks off shore, and the lake can also be good for wintering Horned Grebes and Common Loons.

How to get there

This spot is located right in Westport. Look for Lee Park on Mill Street for access.


The area around the treatment facility is also good for Carolina Wren and variety of woodland birds. Listen, too, for the calls of Bohemian Waxwings in winter which may be feeding on fruit trees nearby, and keep an eye to the sky for Bald Eagles throughout the year, but particularly in the winter.

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