Pauline Murdock Wildlife Management Area
44.235653, -73.555765
Elizabethtown-Wadhams Road, Elizabethtown
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This wildlife area is 68.5 acres of forest, with areas of river and flood plains. It consists of seven different ecological habitats: red maple-hardwood swamp, hemlock-hardwood swamp, successional old field, northern white cedar rocky summit, hemlock-northern hardwood forest, pine-northern hardwood forest, and successional northern hardwood forest.

How to get there

This is just minutes from downtown Elizabethtown! From the intersection of Routes 9 and 9N, take Route 9 north toward Lewis. After 0.2 miles, take right onto Maple Street, which soon becomes Elizabethtown-Wadhams Road. In 0.5 miles, the WMA will be on your right. 


Because much of this land had been settled, and then fallen into disuse, fruiting shrubs and other flora which creates hospitable and protective nesting sites remain. This encourages American woodcock, cedar waxwings, and turkeys, along with hawks and owls. It is also well-known for eastern bluebirds.

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