Mt Defiance
43.831053, -73.406646
Mt Defiance Road, Ticonderoga
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This historic location and scenic drive offers unmatched views of Fort Ticonderoga as well as Lake Champlain from above.

How to get there

From Rt. 22, turn onto Montcalm St. towards Ticonderoga proper. After passing over the river, take your first left on to Cossey St. Make the turns to continue on Cossey St. until Defiance St. on your left. Continue up Defiance St. to reach the toll booth on your left.


A hike or drive (note this is a toll road owned by Fort Ticonderoga. Access is included with daily admission) up Mt. Defiance in Ticonderoga is worth the trip for the commanding view of Lake Champlain from the summit alone.

The fact that it offers splendid birding is an added bonus, and birders can find species like Ruffed Grouse, Great Crested Flycatcher, Wood Thrush, Black-and-white Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and both Black-billed and Yellow-billed Cuckoos to name a few. The base of the mountain is also a good place to park and listen for Eastern Whip-poor-wills calling during the spring and summer.

Scenery and history

The historical significance of Mount Defiance is fascinating, and the views of the Fort at Ticonderoga and Lake Champlain are some of the best around. Access to this scenic drive is included in the price of admission to the Fort, and is a must when visiting Ticonderoga. Be aware that this road is steep, and should not be driven by buses, RVs, or other large vehicles. 

The summit, pavilion and view from Mt Defiance.
Find the Rose-breasted Grosbeak on Mt Defiance.
Find the Rose-breasted Grosbeak on Mt Defiance. The summit, pavilion and view from Mt Defiance.


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