Crown Point Ruins - Birding and Banding


Like Fort Ticonderoga, Crown Point State Historic Site offers birding along Lake Champlain against a historic backdrop that is worth the visit itself. The site allows for access to Lake Champlain near the Lake Champlain Bridge, which is a great place to look for ducks and other waterfowl during the winter.

The historic site itself, however, provides habitat for a variety of breeding birds, such as a variety of warblers, red-bellied woodpecker, and field birds in the bobolink field. This list of historic breeders also includes rarities such as prairie warbler and clay-colored sparrow. The site is best during spring migration, however, as the peninsula funnels migrants north.

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A bird banding station has been run there for two weeks each May since 1976 and banders have banded about 100 species of birds including over 25 species of warblers.

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