Star Trek - Original Series Set Tour

If you ever wanted to experience what it would be like to visit the set of Star Trek: The Original Series, now is your chance. Located in Ticonderoga, the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour brings back to life Stage 9 at Desilu Studios (now Paramount), and the set of the Original Star Trek series.

Visitors can step onto the soundstage and be transported directly back to 1966. Additionally, visitors can enjoy guided tours, photo opportunities and an immersive experience into the world of the classic television series.

The sets were constructed by superfan Jim Cawley. Cawley started creating the sets in 1997 after receiving a copy of the original set blueprints from TOS costume designer William Ware Theiss. He then spent 15 years researching, crafting, and refining his set replicas alongside other dedicated fans and craftspeople, including Trek alumni and fellow fans prop fabricator Ed Miarecki, and concept designer and SFX supervisor Daren R. Dochterman.

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