Baxter Mountain

Winter Overview and Trail Conditions:

From the trailhead you will start snowshoeing very moderately and pass under a powerline before starting a continuous climb. There are several switchbacks that will lead you up the mountain for 0.8 miles. At 0.8 miles the Beede Farm Trail comes in on the left. Go straight and work your way steeply up the open rock and over steep terrain. The first lookout you come to is not the summit, the summit is a bit further along the ridge and is at the point where the trail starts to descend down to Beede Farm.   


2428 feet


850 Feet

Distance Round Trip:

2.2 miles

Approximate Time Round Trip:

Families with Kids:            2 to 3 hours

Experienced Snowshoers:            1.5 to 2 hours

Out of Shape Snowshoers: 2 to 3 hours

Trailhead Location:

Leave Lake Placid on Route 73, follow Route 73 toward Keene. Continue through Keene and take a left onto Route 9N toward Elizabethtown. Continue to the top of Spruce Hill and park at the trailhead on the right. 

Difficulty: 1=easiest, 5=hardest

One: This is an excellent snowshoe for the entire family

Additional Important Information:

Secondary trails come up from Beede Farm in Keene Valley; please see Baxter Mountain in our Spring/Summer Pages for more details.   

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