Mill and Murrey Ponds

How to Get There: From the intersection of County Route 6 and 7 in Mineville, follow County Route 7 toward Elizabethtown. Continue for about 3 miles to a faint dirt access road on the right. This is a very rough road; drive slowly down it for about 100 feet for parking.

Overview: From the parking you will have to carry a short distance on well used foot trail. It is not marked but the area gets many camping parties and it is pretty mated down. Once on the pond you will be able to relax and enjoy the super calm waters of the pond. Used mainly by fisherman this pond gets very little paddling use, which is surprising due to its shoreline and conditions for decent birding. Murray Pond is the small pond to the east of Mill Pond, which resembles more of a bay. This can be accessed from Mill Pond. 

Type of Launch: Dirt

Type of Carry: About 200 feet, easy and with good footing.

Type of Water: Well sheltered, calm, no motorboats

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