Lincoln Pond

How to Get There

From the intersection of Route 9 and Route 9N in Elizabethtown, follow Route 9N toward Westport. Continue for just under a mile and turn right on Lincoln Pond Road. Follow that to Lincoln Pond and the state campground.  

You can launch from the state campground, but a day-use fee will be required. There are plenty of spots to launch a canoe or kayak from the side of Lincoln Pond Road. The waters are gentle and generally quite calm, but winds occasionally make it tough to paddle on one side of the road or the other, depending on the direction of the prevailing winds. The north end is a much nicer paddle with more land and shore features. At the far north end there is a dam, which marks the end of the journey.  

Type of Launch

Sand and rock

Type of Carry

~100 feet

Type of Water

Well sheltered, calm, small motors only

On The Map