Ticonderoga to allow limited snowmobile access in Bicentennial Park

By request of the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and Adirondack Trail Riders Snowmobile Club, during a recent meeting, the Ticonderoga Town Council voted to allow limited snowmobile access through Bicentennial Park. The trail will be open only when snow conditions are sufficient to protect the turf and grass from damage which requires a minimum of a 4” snow base. Snowmobile trail markers will be set up where and when the trail is open for use. Riding snowmobiles through the park is permitted only on the designated trail and only when the markers are set out. Violators face potential fines and will be responsible for the cost to repair damage caused.

During the meeting, Gary Olcott (Adk. Trail Riders) explained that the project that replaced Tower Avenue's bridge last year, extended the guard rails which blocked off snowmobile access to downtown businesses. “In order to stay on the same side of the bridge which is the Burgoyne side, we have to go right by the skating rink where there are kids skating. We would just as soon not do that. What we would like to do is get permission to come through the park. This would entail going over the kissing bridge.”

Councilwoman Van Wert explained the above proposed trail will be marked every 25 feet. The trail enters from Route 22 near Shore Airport Road, along the back of the Little League fields and follows the connecting access roads to cross the Kissing Bridge. It will go between the Hydro Plant and the Heritage Museum to cross Tower Ave to the LaChute River Trail.

Mr. Olcott added that they can use snow fence or whatever is needed to keep the kids that are playing in the park safe. He also added that the trail will be kept as narrow as possible so there would be no passing each other and this will allow us to access gas and food and bring commerce to downtown.
Councilman Hunsdon is concerned with how much snow is on the trail, if there is hardly any snow there it will be torn up.
Mr. Olcott informed the board that there is a four inch minimum, that is what NYS Snowmobile Association requires for a trail to be open, and we would monitor that and if it gets thin then we will close the trail, block it up. There will be signage as far as decibels, quiet area, speed and whatever we need to do to keep everyone happy. We realize that we are coming into a town. We will be staying as close to the falls as possible and coming right up and around the edge of the Hydro Plant.

The local club is working on a Snowmobile Master Plan for the NYS Snowmobile Association which will identify new trails and update existing maps. For information about Adirondack Trail Riders, contact John Cook, President 513-320-1483.

Officials from the Town of Ticonderoga want to make everyone aware that snowmobiles are never allowed on any sidewalks in the Town. Please consult existing maps for the location of designated trails and approved crossings. The new trail through Bicentennial Park will not show on any map until the next update is completed with NYS. A map of this new trail is submitted with the press release and can be viewed on the Town’s website www.townofticonderoga.org. We want to encourage business in our downtown area, especially during these winter months and are happy to provide this access to snowmobilers.

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