Fort Ticonderoga Digital Campaign

Fort Ticonderoga continues its 2020 Digital Campaign - an exciting virtual experience featuring interactive programming, engaging lectures series, and creative at-home educational activities and resources. This virtual experience is in addition to onsite visitation. Fort Ticonderoga is open to the public through October 11, 2020. For specific days of operation, visit or call 518-585-2821.

The unique virtual opportunity brings the layers of history and natural beauty into homes across the globe. Featuring the museum’s annual interpretation (2020 is 1774), Fort Ticonderoga staff continue to press forward with their commitment to providing resources and entertaining programs to engage, inspire, and give context to the world around us.


Featured on our Upcoming Digital Campaign Event Calendar:

Thursday, October 1
Living History: Orwell Light Horse
Facebook, 4pm

Examine a stellar example of an American militia uniform in the Fort Ticonderoga museum collections. See the recreation of this uniform and listen to the great story of these local light horse volunteers in the War of 1812.

Wednesday, October 7
Collections Speed Dating: Jacob Schieffelin’s Uniform

Facebook, 1pm
Love, war, and immigrants. It's not Hamilton, it's the story of Jacob Schieffelin in the American Revolution and the incredible story of this remarkable redcoat.

Friday, October 9
Gardener Growth: Cover Crops

Facebook Live, 4pm
With frost and snow on the horizon, hearty cover crops can jumpstart your garden beds for next spring. Join Fort Ticonderoga garden staff as we sew these useful soil-improving plants.

Saturday, October 10
French Cannons in British hands at Fort Ticonderoga

Facebook, 1pm
Explore the legacy of captured French cannons within British-held Fort Ticonderoga. See the one complete cannon found within the ruins of Fort Ticonderoga and how these cannons inform our historic portrayal of 1774 today.

Sunday, October 11
Virtual Author Series

ZOOM paid program, 2pm
The Author Series features presentations by authors of books related to Fort Ticonderoga’s history. Join author James L. Nelson as he tells the story of the year of fighting and the unlikely naval battle that resulted in American victory in the War for Independence.

Friday, October 16
Gardener Growth: Ridged Rows for Soil Woes

Facebook Live, 3pm
As part of winter soil preparation, creating ridges in a garden bed helps winter’s freezing and thawing work for us . Watch as Fort Ticonderoga garden staff prepare pest-prone soil for winter and learn the benefits of this task.

Saturday, October 17
Virtual Material Matters: It’s in the Details

ZOOM paid program, 10am-2pm
Join Fort Ticonderoga for this virtual conference focused on the material culture of the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Saturday, October 17
From the Ground Up: Cataloging Update

Facebook, 1pm
Explore recently cataloged archaeological artifacts excavated prior to the construction of Fort Ticonderoga’s Mars Education Center. The cataloging of these historic artifacts was made possible in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Wednesday, October 21
Collections Speed Dating: Midshipman Ellery’s Sword

Facebook, 1pm
Explore the War of 1812 and follow the relative of a signer of the Declaration of Independence in a pitched naval battle to ensure the sovereignty of the United States.

Saturday, October 24
Tips of The Tailoring Trade: Drummer’s Lace

Facebook, 1pm
Join Fort Ticonderoga Artificer Tailor, Joseph Zea, to explore Drummers’ Lace, the ornate woolen tape that adorned the uniforms of Fifers & Drummers. Discover tricks to make the application of this lace accurate and efficient.

Sunday, October 25
British Shoes from Lake Champlain

Facebook, 1pm
See actual shoes recovered from the 1759 built sloop Boscawen, recovered from the bottom of Lake Champlain. Watch how Fort Ticonderoga staff recreates these British soldiers’ shoes for our historic portrayal of 1774 today.

Saturday, October 31
Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Ticonderoga: A Legend of the West Highlands”

Facebook, 1pm
A special program for Halloween includes a special reading of our most famous ghost story and hear about the history that inspired this eerie tale...

Saturday, November 1

New Jersey Regimental Buttons

Facebook, 1pm

What do archaeologically recovered buttons tell us about the unit of American cause in 1776? Learn how Ticonderoga’s defenders from New Jersey reflected one of the greatest challenges to waging the Revolutionary War.

Wednesday, November 11

Collections Speed Dating: James Byers Howitzer

Facebook, 1pm

This Veteran’s Day, explore the remarkable evolution from a porcelain factory to the gun foundry through perhaps the oldest piece of American military equipment to bear the abbreviation “US.”

Thursday, November 12

National History Day Teacher Workshop

ZOOM, 4-6pm

This late afternoon online workshop introduces teachers to the National History Day program, a project-based program for students in grades 6-12. The workshop features an introduction to the History Day program, a session by a teacher who currently uses History Day in the classroom, and an introduction to regional, state-wide, and national resources. This workshop is supported by a grant from the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership.

This program is free to teachers but pre-registration is required by emailing

Saturday, November 14

Continue in the Service…and Save their Country: Properly Supplied with Provisions

Facebook, 11:30am

Hear the musical call of Roast Beef and follow soldiers to the commissary to draw their rations. Discover what the Continental Congress promised and the reality of rations at Ticonderoga in 1776.

Saturday, November 14

Continue in the Service…and Save their Country: Strike the Tents and Mount Packs

Facebook, 2pm

Witness soldiers take down their tents and load them onto the army’s carts and wagons. See soldiers preparing their equipment and themselves to march for winter quarters and for duty with General Washington’s beleaguered army.

Saturday, November 14

Continue in the Service…and Save their Country: “I Determined to Move the Army…”

Facebook, 2:30pm

Watch the departing soldiers of the Continental Army as they make final preparations to leave Ticonderoga. See soldiers hand in their ammunition and take their back pay, preparing to put Ticonderoga behind them on their march.

Sunday, November 15

Virtual Author Series: Noble Volunteers, the British Soldiers Who Fought the American Revolution

ZOOM, 2pm

Who were the people who wore red coats and fought to suppress a rebellion in Britain’s American colonies? And why would a book about them be called Noble Volunteers? Author Don N. Hagist will talk about his new book that brings to life the wide array of common soldiers that formed the British army during the American Revolution.

This program requires pre-registration. Fort Ticonderoga Members receive free admission; $10/general public.


Wednesday, November 18

Building Ticonderoga: Making Mortise & Tenon Joints

Facebook, 4pm

From layout to fitting, see the steps of cutting a mortise and tenon joint as Fort Ticonderoga staff structures a new period, timber-framed building.

Saturday, November 21

26th Regiment of Foot Cartridge Pouch Badge

Facebook, 1pm

Among the primary pieces of equipment that the British soldier carried was his cartridge pouch. Fort Ticonderoga’s archaeological collections include a stunning badge from Ticonderoga’s final British garrison, informing our portrayal of the eve of the Revolution.

Wednesday, November 25

Collections Speed Dating: Robert and Sarah Knox

Facebook, 1pm

Learn about Robert and Sarah Knox and how this handsome pair, the work of America’s finest artists, reflects the unique culture and history of our nation’s first capital.

Thursday, November 26

From the Ground Up: Cutlery

Facebook, 1pm

What kinds of utensils did soldiers and civilians at Fort Ticonderoga eat with? Explore archaeologically uncovered knives, forks, and spoons.

Saturday, November 28

Tips from the Tailoring Trade: Drummer’s Lace 2

Facebook, 1pm

Join Fort Ticonderoga Artificer Tailor, Gibb Zea, to look at finishing British drummers’ coats with the final layers of lace that completes their distinct look.

As we continue adding to our Digital Campaign, be sure to visit for more exciting live videos, lectures series, and educational at-home activities that bring history to life!