Festival Guild Children's Art Trek

Ticonderoga Festival Guild Children's Art Trek Summer Program is held Every Wednesday morning at the Ticonderoga Knights of Columbus Pavilion. 

7/10/2019 10:15 Seagle Colony Monkey and Francine in the City of Tigers Utilizing music from both Western and non-Western styles as well as hand percussion, Monkey and Francine in the City of Tigers is an action-packed tale of bravery, smarts, and family ties. 

7/17/2019 10:15 Magpie Music Icthyomusicology - Study of music and songs about fish and marine life

7/24/2019 10:15 Kits Interactive Mother Nature Mother Nature and Fairy Queen learn an animal is harming our ecosystems.  Stories, dance & improvisation teach how humans impact various ecosystems and how conservation is our responsibility.

7/31/2019 10:15 Dave Ruck One World, Many Stories” – Dave Ruch leads the audience on a fun-filled musical journey across the world. Children become active participants in the program as they sing along (in English, Nigerian, Italian, Japanese, and Russian!), answer questions, play musical games and act out songs.

8/7/2019 10:15 Art Miller Barrel of Fun Productions "Catfish Charlie" “Cat Fish Charlie”  Art is joined by puppet partner Skeeter, as they sing camp songs, tell jokes and fish tales. The children will get "caught" up in the fun of this very interactive and humorous program.

8/14/2019 10:15 Swing Peepers Sweet Dreams and Night Skies: Enter the cozy nighttime world of faerie houses, the ‘big ole moon’, hibernation sleepovers, constellations, bedtime mixed-up nursery rhymes and other dreamy wildness with the Swing Peepers! This program treads winding moonlit paths through the mysteries and charms of the night.