Classes at Whitcomb's: Sketchbook Journaling: A Trilogy of Landscape Workshops

Hands On at Whitcomb’s, Summer 2022:
Sketchbook Journaling: A Trilogy of Landscape Workshops

This three-part series of learning adventures explores the process of mindful travel through journaling, image-making and writing. Participants discover how to transform personal experience into knowledge and ideas, in ways that promote environmental awareness, historical perspectives and self-knowledge. Lessons and fieldwork help develop keener observation, to notice things often overlooked. Working in whichever portable medium you prefer (painting, drawing, photography), you’ll learn the secrets of pictorial composition, and the practice of expeditionary journaling, from far-flung regions to your own backyard.

Saturday, June 25 from 2-5:00pm. Additional sessions in the series on July 23 and August 20.
Class fee: $45 per class or $125 for series. Register for a single class or all three.

Materials: Anything that makes a mark and anything that takes a mark will suffice. A supply-list will be distributed. Participants are encouraged to use any kind of bound sketchbook small enough to be carried in a pocket, along with tools for making marks and laying down color. You may also bring image-capture devices such as photographic cameras, tablets, smartphones and iPads, to use in conjunction with drawing and writing.

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