Artist Talk & Open-Air Disco

Artist Randi Renate will be speaking about her current sculpture, “blue is the atmospheric refraction I see you through,” which is now on view outside the Adirondack History Museum. The sculpture is a large participatory installation open to the public since August 2021.

“blue is the atmospheric refraction I see you through” is a sculptural encounter in which two viewers have similar yet distinct experiences of climbing twin spiraling staircases recessed into a larger dome. Its twin staircases require mirrored movement, activating mirror neurons. Shared movements trigger these neurons, which enhance human empathy. The passage culminates in an exposed meeting point that maintains a distanced perspective—from one another as well as from the surrounding landscape.

The event will begin with an outdoor artist talk moderated by the museum's director Aurora McCaffrey starting at 5 pm on Sunday, July 3rd, 2022. Randi Renate will be speaking on her Adirondack inspiration for the sculpture, the build process, and her creative process as it relates to neuroscience and research. After the artist talk, local DJ Sam Cecil (Ol’ Cecil) will be mixing vinyl for the “Open Air Disco” part of Sunday’s event. Refreshments will be served.