2021 Fall Lyceum Lecture Series at The Grange-Navigation

How do we find our way in the world? The Fall Lyceum series will explore aspects of human and animal navigation, from recognizing landmarks in the night sky to cartography, vertical route-finding, and the long-distance migrations of birds and fish.

Lyceum lectures are held on Tuesdays at 7:00pm at the Grange.
$5 per lecture. Students free.


September 28: Navigating the Adirondack Skies & Other Astronomical Musings

Director of the Northcountry Planetarium, Lisabeth Kissner, gives a historical perspective on astronomy and space science and will demonstrate how to observe celestial phenomena and “see” the Adirondack night sky, as the Grange becomes a planetarium for the evening.

October 5: Using Maps to Navigate Space and Place on Lake Champlain

This presentation by Ryan Mitchell of the Lake Champlain Basin Program explores how maps created with a range of technologies have been used to tell the stories of our relationship with Lake Champlain since its earliest exploration.

October 12: Navigating the Vertical World

Cliffs, crags and ledges are often described as being liminal spaces—strikingly obvious and intriguing, yet easily accessible to only a select few. Adirondack climbing guide Mark Scott will try to explain the process, whether it’s a first ascent or a well-trodden classic.

October 19: A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds

Special evening with ornithologist and acclaimed nature writer Scott Weidensaul, based on his newest book, A World on the Wing.
Co-sponsored by Champlain Area Trails. Pre-registration is required due to limited seating.  Click HERE for information and to register.

October 26: Homeward Bound: An Investigation of Atlantic Salmon Migrations

Young Atlantic salmon travel over 6,000 miles on a multi-year journey before coming back home to spawn. Fish biologist David Minkoff will talk about the basics of these migrations and some of the possible mechanisms of their remarkable odysseys.