Noblewood Park birding

A town park of the Town of Willsboro, Noblewood Park is one of the best birding sites in the Champlain Valley. The wooded trails host a variety of breeding songbirds during the summer and the area can be quite good for species such as brown creeper, pileated woodpecker and white-breasted nuthatch year round. The sandy spit formed at the mouth of the Boquet River is a good place in late summer and fall to look for migrating shorebirds such as yellowlegs, killdeer, and sanderlings among others.

American golden plover has even been found here. Gulls also roost on this sand spit, so check through them for any odd species including little gull in late summer.

In winter and migration, the bay can host large numbers of ducks. Most of them will be common goldeneye, bufflehead, and greater and lesser scaup, but Barrow’s goldeneye are frequently found in the mixed flocks.

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