Champlain Area Trails

150 miles of trails

In 2009, the first Champlain Area Trails (CATS) trail opened to the public, giving visitors and residents alike a new perspective on the woods and waters of the Lake Champlain Region. Today there are 150 miles of easy-to-moderate paths for hikers, nature lovers, and bird watchers to explore. Look for the CATS trail markers and you’ll be guided to wildflower-infused meadows, easy-to-reach views of the Adirondack High Peaks, and rock outcrops that overlook Lake Champlain as it glistens against a backdrop of Vermont’s Green Mountains. The Adirondack Coast is a place where big water meets big mountains, and it’s open for exploration.

A legacy of making connections

Part of the CATS mission is to connect the communities of the region via an ever-expanding network of “Hike the Lake” trails. To that end, the non-profit organization has created more than 55 paths and protected 495 acres of land in the region. Some of those trails will be part of a 30-mile loop between Westport and Essex. The long-term plans include extending the trail system to neighboring towns around Lake Champlain and eventually connecting them to trails in the Adirondack Mountains, Vermont, and Quebec.

The folks at CATS are always busy planning new routes, so be sure to see what's new every time you visit the Adirondack Coast! 


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