NOTICE: Temporary Lake Champlain Fishing Ban Imposed

Lake Champlain, NY-VT - New York and Vermont Departments of Environmental Conservation, in collaboration with the North American Cyptozoological Research Consortium have declared a temporary ban on fishing on Lake Champlain for the period April 15-June 29, 2014.

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The temporary ban is in place as a result of a consistent, six-year decrease in the number of reported sightings of a water-bound creature assumed to live primarily near Bulwagga Bay off the shores of Port Henry, N.Y. 

The mating season for Champ, a creature thought by cryptozoologists to be a plesiosaur, is assumed to be during the spring months. Experts agree that the tremendous amount of fishing activity on Lake Champlain during May and June could be negatively impacting the reproductive success of the species.  

The ban was initiated in accordance with legislation passed in the early 1980s regarding the plesiosaur. The state of Vermont House, the New York State Assembly and Senate have all passed resolutions protecting Champ, and Port Henry declared its waters off the Adirondack Coast a safe haven for the lake creature.

Champ has been the focus of serious debate following hundreds of sightings, including one by Captain Crum in July 1819 in which he reported seeing “a black monster about 187 feet long and with a head resembling a “sea horse reared over 15 feet out of the water.” More contemporary sightings suggest that the creature is closer to 25-35 feet long. 

The need for future, perhaps annual fishing bans will be evaluated at the end of 2014 following an extensive study that will include survey results from both fishermen and official Champ spotters. 

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*The preceding news release is fabricated in celebration of April Fools day, popular for the commission of good-humoured practical jokes of varying sophistication.