Crown Point State Historic Site to Host Annual Bird Banding Event

Crown Point State Historic SiteCrown Point, N.Y. - The Crown Point Bird Banding Association will host its 39th annual bird banding event on May 10 - 24 at the Crown Point State Historic Site.  Bird banding is an effort to identify and track different species of migratory birds that pass through the region every year, so as to better collect ecological data and improve conservation efforts.  The public is invited to visit the station during daylight hours. 

The Bird Conservation Area is located on the spacious grounds of the Crown Point State Historic Site, at the tip of Crown Point peninsula, just south of the bridge to Vermont.  Jutting northward into Lake Champlain, the peninsula serves as a migrant trap in spring, concentrating waves of northbound birds in thickets west of the British fort ruin.  The State Historic Site is a designated Important Bird Area (IBA) by the National Audubon Society.

As many as 27 different species of colorful warblers are seen at this banding station during May.  Stop at the BCA interpretive panels on the left side of the entry road to view a map showing the location of the bird banding station, proceed to the main parking lot, then continue on foot, first west to the barns and then south.  Since the station opened in 1976, many thousands of birds – over 100 species – have been banded there. 

Both Crown Point State Historic Site and nearby Fort Ticonderoga will open on May 10 this year.  Opening weekend marks the 239th anniversary of the Green Mountain Boys’ liberation from the British military of the fort ruins and their many cannon on May 10 (Ticonderoga) and May 11 (Crown Point), 1775.  The museum at Crown Point State Historic Site contains a high-definition audio-visual show, models of both French-built Fort St. Frédéric (1734-59) and of Crown Point's

British fort (1759-73), and many artifacts found on-site by way of archeological research.  The museum is open Thursdays through Mondays, from 9:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  The fort ruins at Crown Point are registered National Historic Landmarks.