Fort Ticonderoga's "Fort Fever Series"

Fort Ticonderoga’s “Fort Fever Series” will begin in January and run through April 2018. The lecture series will be held on Sunday afternoons at 2:00 pm in the Mars Education Center. Tickets are $12.00 per person and can be purchased at the door; Fort Ticonderoga Members and Ambassador Pass holders are admitted free of cost.


Fort Fever Series Schedule:

January 7: “Vigilance and Discipline to be observed through all the Vessels” —Join Assistant Director of Interpretation, Nicholas Spadone, as he explores the composition of the dozens of British Royal Navy Vessels on Lake Champlain during the American Revolution. From captured American-built vessels to newly built British vessels, delve into the design, construction, and legacies of these wooden boats that commanded the Champlain Valley.

February 11: “Soldiers of Color at Ticonderoga” — Join Vice President of Public History and Operations, Stuart Lilie, to explore the diversity of soldiers who fought at Ticonderoga and to examine how the attitudes about soldiers of color varied dramatically within these various armies.

March 11: “A ‘Charmingly Aggressive Woman.’ Sarah Pell’s Struggle for History & Human Rights”— Described by a contemporary as a “charmingly aggressive woman,”Sarah Pell was a central figure behind Ticonderoga’s rebirth. Join Collections Manager, Miranda Peters, as she shares images, archival materials, and collections never-before-seen by the public, and recently cataloged by museum staff that reveal glimpses of Sarah’s impactful work.

April 15: “Somewhere in France: Stephen Pell’s Great War”— Curator Matthew Keagle will explore the service of Fort Ticonderoga’s co-founder Stephen H. P. Pell during the first World War. Learn about Stephen’s war through never-before-seen artifacts, photographs, and letters in Fort Ticonderoga’s collection.